1. Welcome


    Matt Rickett is a comedy writer. This is one of his websites.

    This is where you can find Matt’s contact information, scripts and videos. 

    Matt has a blog called This Is What I Learned Today where he writes about something he learned that day in a funny way. He tries to learn something new everyday and likes to share it with people! Check it out at mattlearnedsomething.tumblr.com

    For Matt’s longer comedy writing take a gander at his other blog at This Ain’t Even Funny

    Matt has also written for DigBoston and The Impersonals.

    Matt has performed storytelling at the iO West Scripted Comedy Festival and hosts and produces a comedy storytelling show called The Manic Panic Hour which has played at iO West in Hollywood. He has also performed on a number of storytelling and standup shows in Los Angeles and beyond, including hosting and producing the HappyHour Story Xperiment at the Hollywood Studio Bar and Grill.

    He’s performed standup comedy and storytelling all over Los Angeles.

    Email him: rickettmatthew1@gmail.com